Peformer's voice

Kenji Matsumoto / Clarinet
NHK Symphony Orchestra Principal Clarinet Player 

I honestly wanted to continue playing like this forever. It is a very comfortable space where you can feel the hospitality of owner Tsuneki Iguchi and his staff in every aspect.

Hedayet Djeddikar / Piano

Hiroya Ichi / Cello
NHK Symphony Orchestra Cello Player 

It was a comfortable space with a good sound that is very suitable for stringed instruments. The distance to the audience is close, and the atmosphere is at home. When the concert is over and you go outside, you will be greeted by the countryside scenery in front of you! It is a location where you can feel Japan. It's a hole I'd love to play again!

Sakura Ito / Violin
Czech National Brno Symphony Orchestra Violin Player

The moment you enter the hall, I can feel the healing scent of the trees and the weight of the history carved there. And when I start playing, it feels like the instrument is taking a deep breath. This is a special experience that I have never had before, and it is a place that makes me want to keep playing forever.

Gustav Wohcer / Cello

Shoko Ikeda / Oboe・English horn
NHK Symphony Orchestra Oboe・English horn Player

Otonokura, the embodiment of Iguchi's love and passion for music, is a wonderful space that is irreplaceable for us performers and local music lovers alike.

Rintaro Omiya / Violin
NHK Symphony Orchestra 2nd Violin Principal Player 

The customers who listen to the sounds produced in the hall, and Mr. Iguchi and other staff who are probably looking forward to it more than anyone else.
“Oh, I want to come here again,” I thought as I headed home.
I think that everyone's thoughts are stored here only in the storehouse.

Hiroshi Miyasaka / Cello
NHK Symphony Orchestra Cello Player 

We rehearse in a wonderful sound of Otonokura,and during breaks I go into the rice fields looking for any creatures.
I had a very relaxing time with Mr. Iguchi and the staff.

Masanobu Nishigaki / Guiter

France 200 years ago, come to life here at  ”otonokura" as if they had returned to my home away from home.
Take a stroll through the old and beautiful town of Tatsuno and play BACH in this space.
It is the ultimate happiness of a musician.

Ayumu Yamanaka / Piano

Otonokura combines both the intimacy that makes you feel like you are breathing, and the expanse of sound that makes you feel like you are in a large hall. Sometimes delicately, sometimes boldly, any expression is warmly accepted and realized. It was a blissful sound space. I hope we can make music here again someday…

Uki Iwasaki / Piano

Otonokura's location on the Banshu Plain, with its sweeping rural landscape and stately appearance of the main building, will captivate those who have come away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
You will want to visit again for the seasonal nature and beautiful sounds.

Akihiro Miura / Violin
Tokyo Phiharmonic Orchestra Concertmaster

Natural and warm sound,
A space where you can immerse yourself in music.
It is a hall that I want to visit again and again.

Atsuko Aoki / Viola
Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Principal Viola Player 

The beautiful plaster walls painted by the owner himself. Although it is the best acoustic space that conveys every detail of expression, it has a warmth that does not put any pressure on the performer. This hall, where you can feel the extraordinary affection for music and the sound space that expresses it, is a wonderful hall that is rare in Japan.

Erika Numamitsu / Piano

A hall where you can feel the warmth of wood. The warmth of the wood in the hall harmonizes with the musical instruments, providing a mellow and pleasing sound. All the staff are also warm, so you can concentrate on playing with peace of mind. The piano is new, and you can feel that it is being cherished from the keyboard.

Hiroshi Oe / Flute

The wooden space has good reverberations and is close to the audience, so you will immediately feel at home. In addition, the sound of the second floor seats is exceptional. The piano is a Steinway and I am looking forward to the future

Megumi Sada / Piano

The moment you press your breath, you will feel as if you are playing the piano in the woods. It is my favorite Otonokura, where the Steinway resonates comfortably surrounded by the soft sound of wood, not concrete.

Aiko Shiraishi / Mezzo Soprano

In a cozy hall where you can sing in the midst of nature, you will find new inspiration for your music. It is a hall that gives the best sound for singing.