A special space that makes you want to take a deep breath

The moment you enter the hall, it will take your breath away

Otonokura is a two-story agricultural warehouse built more than 80 years ago and is situated next to the main building which was built more than 140 years ago. The interior of the hall is furnished with natural materials, and the superb acoustic quality the space provides attracts first-class musicians.

Promotion video

Mozart: Divertimento in E flat major, K.563
Violin : Rintaro Omiya   Viola : Koichi Yokomizo   Cello : Hiroshi Miyasaka
《 NHK Symphony Orchestra Member 》
October 11, 2020 @ Otonokura

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Otonokura is located in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, the town of the nursery rhyme "Red Dragonfly"

The idyllic countryside spreads out in front of you, showing you the scenery of the four seasons.

Otonokura's Commitment

Thanks to the structural reinforcement using wood framing, which is a traditional Japanese construction method that does not use nails or hardware (and is also used in temples and shrines), we have created a 5m atrium space inside the wooden building.

The walls are made of clay, and the interior is made of natural materials such as plaster and solid cedar.

A tone that matches the hall
A touch that captivates the performer
A Steinway & Sons B-211 that looks like it was made for Otonokura


This is Tsuneki Iguchi, the owner.

The reason why I decided to create Otonokura was that I wanted to create a place where I could easily perform. It's been more than 15 years since I started thinking about turning an agricultural warehouse that was cramped and unused into a hall, and in 2019, my dream finally took shape. Even first-class musicians, who I had never imagined at the planning stage would visit this new concert hall, have actually come to visit and are satisfied with the sound of Otonokura. In addition, thanks to the presence of our reliable staff, we have received praise not only from performers but also from customers.

What we created is not finished, but we have improved in various aspects one by one in terms of operation, and we will continue to strive forward every day without being satisfied with the current situation so that everyone who visits Otonokura will have the best possible experience. I will give it my best and continue to work towards making this a truly exceptionable performance location. I think it's very interesting to keep creating something new and to find out how the new experience is different from last time.

The fascinating thing about Otonokura is that you can enjoy delicate sounds such as the player's breathing, which cannot be heard in a large hall, because the distance to the player is very close. Please visit Otonokura once and experience the power of this exceptionable hall. And for those who have visited once, please come and see Otonokura again, which continues to evolve. We look forward to welcoming you here!


Otonokura Location
(169 Shimizu, Isaicho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Otonokura parking lot

Usage fee

Concert use: 35,000 yen ~
*9:00 to 17:00

Practice use: From 3,000 yen (1 hour)~
*Includes piano
*Limited to use only on the 1st floor

Video shooting for audition: 20,000 yen
*5 hours (within 3 hours of shooting)
*All hall fees and shooting costs are included.